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Why is MRA-5 usually the only possibility of permanent protection against surveillance in most places?

VIP offices are usually located in big cities, where there are numerous very strong legal RF transmitters, such as TV, radio, mobile and stationary station of phone commutation systems. It was measured that is such conditions, the usual detected voltage on the RF detector input is about 100mV. The same voltage can be inducted by a typical radio bug only to a distance of 1 meter. This means that the usual wind band RF detectors are very inefficient. The solution is a fast selective analysis of the radio spectra, that eliminates the impact of the strong legal transmitters. MRA-3 is optimized to quickly detect a new signal even in a over-full radio spectra.

How does SNG protect against a microphone surveillance?

It is well known that even a cup on the wall can be used to capture a sound from a thin wall or door. It is obvious that specialized microphones or laser devices can do a lot more. Application of white (random and wide band) noise to objects from which the acoustic waves could have been be captured, eliminates the possibility of this form of surveillance. Why SNG protects you better than the common noise generators? The answer is rather simple: The contact application of noise is audible in the room a can be disturbing. Commonly the user switches the noise generator off during usual work. The problem is that if there is a sudden phone call or someone enters the room, the turning on of the noise generator might be forgotten. The SNG contains a processor that evaluates the acoustic signal in the room and automatically adjusts the generated noise to the optimal level.