RFD-5 is a highly sensitive wide-band radio frequency detector with large dynamic range and enormous frequency range. RFD-5 functionality is optimized for professional detection and localization of radio listening devices.

  • High sensitivity and dynamic range
  • High frequency range (detection up to 25GHz)
  • Short pulse detection, peak level memory
  • Interference filters
  • Audio signal demodulation
  • Geiger click indication
  • 4-way signal strength indication (bar, numerical, delayed bar, peak)
  • Detecting all radio devices including digital encoded
  • Detecting spread spectrum, hopping and pulse transmissions
  • Detecting mobile phones and computers (including manipulated devices)
  • Permanent protection: events recording (including time and signal level)
  • RF background elimination
  • Possibility to calculate bug radiated power and distance
  • Low power consumption, long battery life

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Technical Specifications [ PDF | MS-Word ]
User Manual [ PDF | MS-Word ]