RFD-22 is a multipurpose wide band detector with peak pulse memory detecting various types of listening devices.

  • Frequency range: 30 MHz - 10 GHz, external probe 10 MHz - 20 GHz
  • Typical sensitivity: 0.1 uV for 10 cm at 500 MHz
  • Field strength measurement and radio background memory: 128 levels
  • Pulse memory: writing and rewriting maximum value
  • Adjustable audio output of demodulated signal and changing tone of localization
  • Power: internal 9V ACCU or 6F22 battery, internal recharge circuit
  • Size: 151 X 59 X 30 mm, weight 235 g (inc. battery)

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Technical Specifications 80KB MS-Word | 70KB PDF
User manual 64KB MS-Word | 77KB PDF

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