About ELBI Electronics

ELBI Electronics was founded in 1991 and since 1992 the company is active development and production of counter surveillance equipment.
ELBI electronics focuses on production of high quality equipment at interesting costs that are suitable not only for specialists but also for the numerous people exposed to potential surveillance attacks.
Facing the fast development of various communication networks, computers, security systems and other devices producing radio signals, it was necessary to radically change the traditional concept of surveillance detection. This change is clearly visible in comparison of one of the first surveillance detectors RFM and the latest scanner MRA-3.

Marketing strategy

The elementary concept of the marketing strategy of ELBI Electronics as of a producer of a high quality counter surveillance equipment is to provide ultimate support to the end customer. A complete counter surveillance solution, usually begins by a consultation with a customer and search through of the offices that is followed by installation of the counter surveillance equipment.
ELBI Electronics has created a distribution network of certified dealers that are periodically instructed with the recent development in the field of counter-surveillance equipment.

Production history

Noise generators
Detection sets:
Wide band detectors:
Memory radio analyzers: