PNG-2 is a small, compact and highly power efficient white noise generator optimized to neutralize audio listening devices and concealed audio recorders. PNG-2 is also able to act as a generator of special variable test tone which is optimized for activation of voice controlled listening devices.

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The PNG-2 is powered by a built-in battery or accumulator. Microprocessor controlled power amplifier ensures the highest possible power consumption efficiency in the whole output power range. For the standard output power the built-in battery can ensure up to 20 hours of continues operation time. If required external loudspeakers or piezoelements can be connected. External power supply can be connected for permanent application and/or for charging of the built-in accumulator. The noise generating circuit is based on the certified noise circuit using a thermal principle of a random noise generation. This design ensures the highest possible resistance against digital filtering methods of reconstruction of the recorded sound.

Technical specifications


Technical specifications [PDF| MS-Word]
User manual [PDF| MS-Word]

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