12/2019The company has closed down.
15/3/2012Introduction of MRA-5 / MRA-5Q - highly sensitive radio analyzers with the ability of remote control.
10/12/2011Introduction of QM-5000 - new generation of advanced countersurveillance system with ethernet/internet connectivity.
20/1/2010Introduction of RFDS-4 - new generation of multipurpose detection set.
20/1/2010Introduction ofLTA-3 - line adapter for RFD-5.
19/7/2008Introduction of DMC-3 - detector of GSM, 3G/UMTS, WIFI, VIDEO, BLUETOOTH mobile communication.
15/7/2005Introduction of RFD-22 - high quality and user friendly wide band detector.
22/9/2004Introduction of QM-4000 - comprehensive counter-surveillance system.
22/9/2004Introduction of MRA-3Q - advanced Memory Radio Analyzer with network connectivity.
27/5/2003Introduction of RFD-5 - a new highly sensitive wide-band radio receiver.
1/11/2001Introduction of DMC/DMCC - system for detection of mobile communication.
10/5/2000New WWWW pages launched.
10/3/2000Introduction of MRA-3 version 4.1