The new MRA-5Q is a system version of a special receiver MRA-5, an advanced automatic radio scanner suited for instant detection of various types of radio bugs in the frequency range 34-5900MHz. Compared with the older, very popular MRA-3Q, MRA- 5Q has higher sensitivity on the highest frequencies, extended frequency range, improved pulse and digital signal detection, possibility of the alarm sensitivity adjustment from the setting menu, correction of DECT systems and particularly much higher false alarm resistance.

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The basis of the system is the radio spectrum memory combined with an ultra fast scanning. The whole frequency range is scanned every ten seconds and the currently received signals are compared with the initially stored clean background spectrum. The presence of a new signal activates a three level alarm output. All new signals with frequency, time and a statistic information are stored in an independent alarm memory. MRA-5Q allows to automatically acquire audio records of new signals which have been causing alarms. Recorded audio samples together with the stored statistic information are reliably indicating if the object was attacked by RF eavesdropping. MRA-5Q can be used as a part of the QM-5000 bus system. QM-5000 allows parallel connection of up to 128 MRA-5Q devices within an object network. The bus system allows full remote control of each device, and additionally it contains numerous additional features like spectrum analysis in the range of 34-5900MHz, audio analysis, background statistic, new signal statistic, automatic audio sampling, frequency and spectrum records, selective statistic, system statistic etc. QM-5000 is not only a comprehensive solution for object permanent protection, but also a very effective tool for electronic countermeasures specialists since it gives a clear graphical picture of the current RF signals. By using QM-5000 we can detect and record even such dangerous systems like spread spectrum, or modified WiFi, DECT, GSM, UMTS etc.

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Permanent protection with audio recording



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