MRA-5 is a special radio receiver designed for instant detection of any radio bug in the frequency range of 34-5900 Mhz. Compared with the older, very popular MRA-3, MRA-5 has higher sensitivity on the highest frequencies, extended frequency range, improved pulse and digital signal detection, possibility of the alarm sensitivity adjustment from the setting menu, correction of DECT systems and particularly much higher false alarm resistance.

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MRA-3 selectively eliminates even strong local TV and radio broadcasting, or mobile and data transmitters, using a unique frequency processing combined with extra fast spectrum comparisons. Checked "bugs free" spectrum is stored in the background memory and compared with actual signals every 6 seconds. A new suspicious signal activates a 3-level alarm mechanism. The new signal is also recorded in a separate alarm memory.

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Technical specifications [PDF | MS-Word]
User manual [PDF | MS-Word]
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