LTA-3 is an additional accessory for the RFD-5 RF detector. LTA-3 allows detection of different types of line eavesdropping devices like microphones, loudspeakers, manipulated or unsuitable phones etc., which are using audio spectrum. The low frequency detection mode allows to perform a spectrum analysis and detection of various devices using LF and RF spectrum from 18kHz to 41MHz. LTA-3 can detect a number of different digital eavesdropping systems and also standard communication systems like ADSL, Ethernet over power lines and provides their selective frequency analysis.
LTA-INT-RJ is a board with two parallel connected RJ plugs and outputs for connection of the LTA-3 input. The LTA-INT-RJ board allows operative check of standard telephone lines. LTA-HV is an insulating adapter for secure separation of cables under higher voltage.

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Technical Specification of LTA-3

  • AUDIO sensitivity (300 - 3000Hz) 0.1mVeff
  • RF detection sensitivity 1.8mVeff
  • RF frequency range 8 sections, 18kHz - 41MHz
  • GAIN control min. 30dB
  • Input insulation ground (green) 100N 275V AC Active (red) 5N 440V AC
  • Input impedance 100k ohm
  • RF demodulation AM, FM
  • Battery 9V (6F22) or 9V accumulator
  • Current consumption 2 - 5,5mA
  • Accumulator charging 14 hours, 12V DC
  • Size 112 x 92 x 48mm
  • Weight 280g

High voltage insulator LTA-HV

  • Insulation voltage 2 x 440V AC
  • Separation capacity 2x 5N

Connecting and testing board LTA-INT-RJ

  • 2 x parallel connected RJ12
  • 6 x plug for connection of LTA-3 input


User manual MS-Word | PDF

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