DMC-3 / DMC-3Q

DMC-3 is a highly sensitive selective radio frequency analyzer automatically monitoring frequency range from 860 to 2500 MHz. DMC-3 is designed for detection of mobile phone activity and for protection of objects in which is usage of mobile wireless terminals prohibited. The detected frequency spectrum is divided into 4 sections according to the ETSI telecommunication standard - GSM, UMTS, DECT+TDD, WiFi+Video+Bluetooth. The main advantage of DMC-3 is the detection of communication in the 3G (UMTS) telecommunication standard. The optional DMC-3Q devices can be connected to an object bus and then all events and parameters can be monitored and controlled from a master PC.

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Technical specifications 374KB MS-Word | 104KB PDF
User manual 1MB MS-Word | 274KB PDF

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